Once a poor man approached Hazrat Moosa A.S and requested that the messenger of Allah pray for the increase in his food sustenance. He said that since Hazrat Moosa A.S was able to converse with Allah, Allah would heed his prayers. When Hazrat Moosa A.S appeared in the Lord’s presence, he put forward the man’s request and Allah answered that the man was fated to have little sustenance.  

When the man found out that he was fated to have little sustenance, he requested that Hazrat Moosa A.S pray to Allah once more and ask for all the sustenance in his life to be given to him at one time.  Hazrat Moosa A.S then prayed for the man and his prayer was accepted. The man received all his blessings at once. The poor man then opened a free kitchen and announced that whomever was unable to arrange food for themselves, could eat at the free kitchen to their hearts content.

Hazrat Moosa A.S was very surprised by the man’s behavior and even tried to talk to him regarding his actions, since his sustenance was limited. But when the man did not listen, Hazrat Moosa A.S returned, saddened by the poor man’s behavior.

A week later, when Hazrat Moosa A.S passed by the kitchen, he saw that it was still up and running. After a month, Hazrat Moosa A.S visited the kitchen and the third time, he visited the kitchen after six months.

As always, he saw many people eating at the food temple.  Hazrat Moosa A.S thought that due to the man’s generosity, his food should have been finished by now, but he was wrong.

Hazrat Moosa A.S, being surprised and astonished asked Allah how was it possible that such little sustenance was lasting so long. Allah replied that undoubtedly the man was to have little sustenance. However, it is a rule in Allah’s heaven, that if a person spends in Allah’s path, he will be rewarded ten times in the world and ninety times in the world hereafter. This man also fell under this rule and so for his service to Allah, he is rewarded ten times in the world and will be rewarded ninety times in the world hereafter. What is there to be surprised about?