What Is Meditation?


Meditation is an ancient practice that’s performed to acquire spiritual enlightenment; its roots are found in approximately all religions and schools of thought. But just closing the eyes and sitting in some specific manner can’t be called meditation. Meditation in itself is a complete science and an endless sea which has in it many gems and secrets, which perhaps have no end and no beginning.

In the modern age, people have been seen to earn material gains through the science of meditation, for example getting rid of depression, anxiety, tension, mental disruptions and tension, bodily sickness, confidence building, change of habits and thinking and much more, but the truth is that these material gains are similar to the seashells that a kid finds on the shore of the sea and thinks that he has got the essence of the deep waters, but in reality the spirit, the essence of the sea, cannot be obtained without drowning and completely immersing in it.

True meditation if defined perhaps would be a negation of one’s own self. On this note, I remember a story.

Once a King was very happy on some occurrence so he opened all of his treasure chests and made an announcement that today whatever you choose to take just put your hand on it, that thing would be yours, hence all the people in the kingdom gets very happy and one after the other they come into the palace and some put their hands on the gold and some on the gems and jewelries.

A slave girls standing far, while watching all this had already decided what she wants to put her hands on. So she falls in front of the King and grabs his feet. The king gets very surprised and says to the slave what are you doing here in my feet, go and take whatever you want, my treasure chests are open; the slave girl replies, the King’s honor be raised but my lord the thing I’d wanted, I have already put my hands on it.
Upon listening to the slave girl, the King could not help but smile and says, My Beloved, I am astonished on your thinking and your fate that you have chosen the King, so the slave girl replies, sir when the reality is in front of you then why would anyone leave it and go for its manifestations?

So in truth, there is no question or downside to attaining material gains from meditation and it is just like the creator has made the whole universe for us, now it is our choice to start to observe whatever manifestation we like & start reaping benefiting from it.

 Miyan Sahab Rahmania Fareedi