• An extremely intense and vibrant, absolutely dissimilar from all the conventional meditation techniques and emerging as a new kind meditation.

    An excellent meditation for those who are suffering from anxiety disorders, depression, panic attacks, and phobias as well as a miracle remedy for anger management.

  • Meditation precisely designed by “Miyan Sahab Rahmnia Fareedi” which are the permutation and based on ancient Sufi mystics techniques for enlightenment.

  • Online Collection of free books and booklets written by "Miyan Sahab Rahmania Fareedi".

Rahmania Fareedi Spiritual Hub

A destination where a seeker understands and learns to walk on the pathway of enlightenment.
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"RAHMANIA FAREEDI SPIRITUAL HUB is the outcome of the sincere SUFI teachings of My Father and Sheikh, Guru, Ustaad, Teacher Hadrath Khaleel Ur Rahman Shah (R.A) Rahmania Fareedi, Kassimi Fareedi."
-Miyan Sahab Rahmania Fareedi